Back in 1989, at the architecture school in Venezuela (FAU, UCV), every student was required to learn how to draw perspectives with the aid of a couple of rulers, pencil and a lot time. CAD (Computer Aided Design) was an optional assignment and students could gradate without taking advantage of this tools.

I started using computers in my last year and rapidly replaced rulers and pencils with a keyboard and mouse. 3D drawing became my expertise in less than a year.


When I moved to New York in 2000, I wanted to create a Flash website to publish my 3D portfolio. If you make the math, the year 2000 is equal to Flash 4, coding using ‘slash syntax’, and not a single API for programming a website with three-dimensional elements.

Personally, I am not good at giving up. So at that time I decided to use traditional 2D drawing techniques to calculate line intersection and fake inside Flash what I learn to do in 1998. Today things are easier, but I learn a lot about ActionScript trying to do what the language was not capable to do . Here is what I got: