AOL Top 11 Widget

It is difficult to keep the house clean. I was going over the posts of my old blog, and I discovered that one of toys that I created for AOL in 2006 is still alive. I am sure folks from AOL would not mind that gives free promotion to the Top 11 show , while I use the opportunity to show a cool little thing that I built when I work there.

The embed code below can be acquired from the widget itself.


Enter The Frame

Enter The Frame

Flash Programming

This application enables displaying pictures from many different institutions such Archive of American Art, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution Archive and others. Users can see individual pictures, tag them by adding keywords or group their favorite pictures in a sequence that can be shared with SPI (Smithisonian Photography Initiative) or other users via e-mail.

A smooth and intuitive navigation will let you discover hundreds of pictures by just browsing keyword that are meaningfull for other users that have experienced Enter The Frame

Webmechanics / June-2006