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Managing multiple Javascript libraries sometimes can become a challenge. If you write a library and it requires to include other existing libraries, and those libraries also require additional files, it is obvious that assembling your project will require from you to build a mental map where you have track all the dependencies. Often times I noticed that Javascript projects tend to be monolithic. Entire AJAX applications are written in one single file or directly in the HTML page, compromising the portability and scalability of a project. It is, in my opinion, a natural response to a problem that developers may not want to deal with.

jql-logoAs an exercise I decided to write a jQuery plugin to help managing Javascript libraries and their dependencies. JQLoader It is a very light wight plugin with a small set of API that are specifically created to help you organize your projects and simplify the way you assemble your code. If you have face issues loading multiple Javascript files, JQLoader could be a great allied to help you manage files and their dependencies. In a nutshell, you can divide your application into multiple files and JQLoader will stitch them for you, allowing combining the files that your application really needs.

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