Raul Sanchez, a trained architect, who possesses multidisciplinary expertise that extends beyond the principles of traditional ‘flat’ design, and makes capable of fully architecting front-end applications; from the concept, to wireframes and interactive design.A wizard in the world of graphics and programming, Mr. Sanchez has lead a number of complex multimedia projects for major companies including NBC Universal and AOL.

Along with an extraordinary team Mr. Sanchez is an EMMY Award winner for Live8 and Excellence Prize in the Japan Media Art Festival for Alice in Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. Some of his web developments has been awarded as a Macromedia Site of the Day, Japan Media Art Festival Jury recommended for Fourtis Game and other recognitions.

At NBC he has been responsible for the creation of NBBC Video Player among other products and prototypes. He was also part of the launch team of the join venture between Fox and NBC (Hulu.com) as architect and developer of the distribution video player that was deployed in AOL, Comcast, MSN, MySpace and Yahoo websites.

At the age o 21 Founded and led a start-up company that focused primarily in creating 3D renderings and animation for architecture and real estate industry for over four years. ArquiMedia (1996-2000), was not only a professional services company but an AutoDesk Training Center and authorized dealer. The company helped architecture students and old school architect to learn the latest techniques about computer aided design (CAD).


  • Natural born painter. Started at the age of 7 in Dominican Republic, drawing cartoons on the neighbors facade with a piece of charcoal.
  • A former architect, highly skilled in traditional drawing techniques as well as advanced 2D and 3D Computer-Aided Design (CAD).
  • Great advocate of knowledge sharing. Over three years working as a Teacher’s Assistant, and a several years teaching basic and advance CAD 2D/3D at ArquiMedia.
  • Over four years of experience working on game development for CD-Rom distribution, mostly for children musical educational games.

Self-portrait - Caracas, 1994

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